The Giving of Our Time, our Talent, and our Treasure

Stewardship is the proper managing and sharing of our time, talent, and treasure for building the Kingdom of God. Everything we have is a gift – our life, our property, our health, our talents, our money. All are gifts from God. We are called to share these gifts with others – not in a single action, not in a hundred actions, but as a way of life. We are called to receive God’s gifts gratefully, to develop them responsibly, and to return them to the Lord through sharing with others. Stewardship is a direct response to God’s generosity and an expression of discipleship.

Time and Talent

We grow in discipleship through service. Our volunteer community consist of over 200 members serving in one capacity or another. We are grateful for all our volunteers who so generously support our many ministries. For those of you who are not yet engaged, please consider serving in a ministry that best suits your available time and talent. Just select the icon/link below:





Your financial contributions to the Parish allow us to meet our operating and maintenance expenses and to invest in upgrades to our facilities and programs. We currently offer several ways for you to contribute financial support:

  1. Envelopes and Parish Registrations
  2. Pre-Authorized Debit
  3. Online Giving
  4. Mobile App
  5. Interac e-Transfer
  6. Canada Helps
  7. United Way
  8. Wills and Bequests
Our preferred means of your contribution is through PRE-AUTHORIZED Debit. This provides us with predictable stream of revenue that we can count on even through the summer months. Please consider joining our 90 families that are pre-authorized givers. Whichever means works best for you, we are most grateful for your ongoing support.

1, Envelopes and Parish Registration

If you are new to the parish, please pick up a box of our Sunday Offering Envelopes found on the small table at the entrance of the church. Please fill out the initial envelope (the registration envelope) with your name, address and telephone number and drop it into the collection basket. The registration envelope allows the parish to know how many families live in the parish and allows parish staff to contact families when necessary. It also allows the church to provide a yearly tax receipt. Registration means that we want to gather each Sunday with our brothers and sisters in Christ to worship God and that we want and intend to support the ministries in our parish. Registration is a concrete sign that the family is involved in the life and work of the parish

2. Pre-Authorized Debit


This allows us to debit your bank account on a monthly basis so you’ll never have to worry about bringing envelopes, cash, or cheques. To get started now, follow the link below:




3. Online Giving

Contribute through our website using your credit card


4. Mobile App

Download the app and give through your phone. For more information click here: .


5. Interac e-Transfer

E-Transfer Process:

  1. login into your personal online banking
  2. Locate the Interac e-transfer payment method
  3. Add St Leonard as a new recipient using the email address [email protected]
  4. Select the amount of funds you wish to donate
  5. Choose a security question and answer
  6. Follow your bank’s prompts to proceed and complete the transaction
  7. Email the office at [email protected]to confirm the answer to your security question so we can accept your donation

6. Canada Helps


7. Canada Helps Securities Donations (Stocks, Mutual Funds, Bonds)

1. Before you begin be sure to have the following information: the name of company where the securities are held, your account number and the name and number of shares being donated.
2. Visit
3. Click on “Donate Securities”
4. From there fill in the information they require to proceed with the transfer of the shares
5. Be sure to chose PARISH OF ST. LEOANRD OF MANOTICK as the Charitable Organization that you are donating to
6.  Once the form is completed, email a copy to the firm where the shares are held and submit to Canada Helps
7. The donor will be notified when the shares are received, the Tax receipt will reflect the market value of the shares on the day the arrive, the shares are then sold by Canada Helps, and money is deposited directly into the St Leonard bank account.


8. United Way Donations

Your United Way donations can be directed to the support of St. Leonard Parish. For donations through the United Way Campaign the Charity Registration Number is 12896‑7353‑RR‑0054


9. Wills And Bequests

Please call or e-mail the parish office and we can assist you with your charitable gift. Parish Secretary 613-692-4254 or [email protected]