Our Pastor – Father Gerard Plant

Father Gerard was ordained June 19, 2015 and served as Associate Pastor of St. Andrew and St. Monica Parishes from June 2015 to July 2019. Father Gerard will serve St. Leonard, St. Brigid and St. John the Evangelist Parishes. We are blessed to have Father Gerard as part of our faith community.

A word from Father:

First and foremost, I want to express my deepest gratitude and excitement for the opportunity to serve as your new pastor here at St Leonard, St Brigid and St John the Evangelist Parishes in both Manotick and Osgoode. I would like to simply say, God is good! I am extremely happy to have been appointed to these wonderful parishes that have so much history in the community. It is a real honour and privilege to be your new pastor for the coming 6+ years.   So far, I have met many parishioners that I am eager to get to know better and have also met many dedicated volunteers and staff who have given so much to this community over the years. I am truly looking forward to working with you to make this community of the faithful thrive, not only in the love of God, but also thrive in our journey to be true disciples of Christ. We are called to do our best to evangelize those in our respective parish communities and also in the broader community at large where we have seen many family and friends who have fallen away from the Church or who have not yet found Christ. We can be that light in the darkness to bring hope to all who are desperate for love and relationship. Not only with their fellow brothers and sister of the world, but most importantly with the most Holy Trinitarian Family, found in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  

Now here is my story …

My name is Fr. Gerard Plant. I come to you from not too far away. I was associate pastor of St Monica and St Andrew parishes in Nepean and Barrhaven for the past 4 years. I was ordained in Ottawa and Notre Dame Cathedral Basilica, on June 19th, 2015.   I was born in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, some 41 years ago (now my age is no longer a secret!). When I was but a few months old, my parents decided to move east to Ottawa, and I grew up in Vanier. Leading up to my time at the seminary and ultimately being ordained a Roman Catholic Priest, I spent much of my time traveling around for work and play. I traveled much of Europe in my younger years, and then moved out west for work in the computer industry, serving many aboriginal communities and local school boards. From there I decided to take my talents to Japan where I taught English for nearly 2 years. I then moved back to Canada where I finished my philosophy degree and went on to work in the construction and mining industry for roughly 7 years, working in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, the North West Territories and Nunavut. (Who knew that studying philosophy would lead me there?) All of this leading me finally to answer the call to the priesthood.   As I have begun to engage with all of you, I have nothing but excitement for what the future may hold.   May God bless you and all those that you love, Fr. Gerard