St. Leonard Parish Vision: To Grow Disciples

St. Leonard Parish is a healthy and growing faith community that brings people to Christ, grows disciples and sends them out to transform the world. Every member is committed to worship, to grow, to serve, to connect, to love and to give.

Key Focus Areas

  • Worship (Make Every Sunday Matter)

Enhance the meaningfulness and transformative nature of the weekend Masses so that they are the best possible experience for the maximum number of people.

  • Discipleship (Grow) and Evangelization (Connect)

Advance the faith and understanding of all parishioners so that they may develop a personal relationship with Christ and empower all to share this faith with others.

  • Fellowship (Love) and Ministry (Serve)

Develop a welcoming community where every person feels affirmed, has an opportunity to be involved and cared for, and implant in all a desire to serve one another and the broader community.

  • Stewardship (Give)
Educate the parish on the meaning of stewardship and encourage and inspire parishioners to give of their time, talent and treasure so that the Parish can maintain existing services and develop new programs to address emerging needs and opportunities.